Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Artificial Christmas Trees For A Real Yuletide Feel

by Leo Demasi

There is no denying that the Christmas tree is an invaluable part of the Christian family's tradition, and it has been for the longest time that there is actually no straightforward source as to when this Christmas tree tradition actually started. All we follow right now is the customary setting up of the Christmas tree in the center of the home, decorating it with all kinds of furnishings and decors, surrounding its base with as much gifts as we can, in order to herald the coming of the birthday of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In the olden days, people used actual trees and trimmed them and set them up inside their houses and adorned them with almost the same kinds of decors that we hang on the Christmas trees that we have in our homes nowadays.

However, people have learned to use other stuff as an alternative for the real Christmas tree inside the house, and since then, artificialChristmas trees have been in use for decades and decades and aside from being economical- knowing you do not need to cut a tree every single year, all you need to do is to disassemble the artificial Christmas tree and put it inside its box so that it would be ready for use again for the next Christmases to come. If you use an actual tree, it's not possible to reuse it for the next yuletide, unless you want to have a wilted, brown Christmas tree at home.

You can find all kinds of artificial Christmas trees almost everywhere. Besides looking exactly like the real thing, artificial Christmas trees are more expedient to store making it cost effective in the long run, it is very easy to clean; and the only thing that you need to do is wipe it with any piece of clean cloth and voila, you immediately have a brand new looking artificial Christmas tree in the house.

At the same time, it takes a long time before the artificial Christmas tree loses its color and luster so you can use and reuse it for so many years without any fear of having a Christmas tree that is raggedy looking. And one other advantage of it is that it's lighter and easier to install since its base is already designed for installation on a flat surface.

The other advantage of the artificial Christmas tree is that it comes in different sizes; so you can choose the right height and size that will fit the place where you want to set it up. You can also choose a particular type, depending from where the synthetic tree was made of - either the common plastic, the brush bristles type, or the ones made of PVC which is also fire retardant. There are Christmas trees that are made of aluminum and they actually became so popular back in the 1970s; but their sales declined after a negative portrayal of the aluminumChristmas tree which was depicted on a Charlie Brown Christmas special.

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