Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Magic of a Disney World Christmas

by Robert Nickel

Walt Disney World has been captivating millions of children (and adults) for decades. People from all over the globe come here for a family vacation that is beyond thrilling. This place is known as the most magical place on earth and for good reason. Every year during theChristmas season you will find all kinds of special events and breathtaking decorations and displays throughout the park. This time of year is a special time to visit Disney World and is among the most popular times, as well. You will find that the crowds can be overwhelming but it is well worth enduring all of the people in order to experience all the magic that Disney offers at Christmastime. No other place on earth puts on such awesome events, and it makes Christmas feel unlike any other time of the year.

If anyone knows how to decorate for Christmas it is Disney. They usually begin to hang decorations around mid-November. Taking the extra time and effort to make this place look magical is why Disney is unlike any other place in the world at Christmas. It takes hundreds of workers and thousands of hours of work to create all of the themes and decor that you see. There are so many different themes, lights,Christmas trees and special displays that almost the entire park is covered with Christmas surprises. There are also many spectacular events to see while you are here, as well. For instance, the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights is an event held every year that showcases over 5 million lights and 66 snow machines, and the lights even dance to the holiday music. There is a lighting ceremony every night and it is truly a marvel to behold.

The kids will love Mickey's Once Upon a Christmastime Parade that begins on December 20th and ends December 31st. There is also the Mickey's Jingle Parade that runs from November 28th to January 4th. Kids will also go crazy for the edible displays that you will find throughout the park. The chefs here at Walt Disney World cook up some wonderful and tasty creations that include the giant Gingerbread House located in Disney's Grand Floridan resort hotel. It is so amazingly large that it is used as a bakeshop to sell other goodies and baked treats. Another fantastic and amazing part of Disney at Christmas time that the kids will love is Disney's Animal Kingdom. When you get your first glance at the Animal Kingdom you will see that there is a giant Christmas tree right outside of the front entrance. There are many great animal-themed decorations on the tree, and it is an imposing structure. Here you will see the Mickey's Jingle Jungle Parade, mentioned previously, that is a theme variation of the Animal Kingdom parade.

Disney always outdoes itself when it comes to elaborate parades and great performances. There is nothing more spectacular than seeing a magical Disney parade at night. The spectacle of lights, the floats, the performers, the sights and the merry sounds are simply astounding for all ages. Mickey sure knows how to throw a party, and being in the middle of it all is the best part of the experience. Throw your kids up on your shoulders and watch them delight in the fun. They will stare in amazement as the music, lights, dancing and merrymaking take their breath away. At night the entire park is lit up. Millions of lights adorn the evening as you walk around the park. There are hundreds of displays that are lit and you will find that all of the Disney characters that you meet are dressed for the occasion. Mickey and Minnie, Goofy, Donald Duck, the Disney Princesses and more are all wearing Christmas attire. It is the best time to grab a photo with your favorite Disney characters.

There is almost no better place to be than Walt Disney World for the holidays. Mickey, Minnie and all of their Disney friends are waiting for you to join them in the celebration of the Christmas season. Your visit will be filled with memories, and this extra special Christmas will be a holiday that you and your children will never forget.

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