Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Save Money On Christmas Gifts

by Anne Little

There's no doubt we spend a lot of money at Christmas time. As a matter of fact, a quarter of all personal spending in the United States is done during the holiday season. As families grow, so does the number of gifts that must be bought, and the budget can quickly get out of hand. But, there are some things you can give that will make you look good without spending a fortune.

Don't lose sight of the fact that what counts is the thought you are putting in. Are we not mostly trying to celebrate the spirit of the season? Even if it is a little tricky to explain this point to children, you can still tap into your creative vein and create gifts that will make an impression without getting you into holiday debt.

Celebrate Christmas all year long especially where buying gifts is concerned. If you have that thought in mind early on, you might be stumbling into something perfect off-season.

you might run into a sale or a special. Two for one clearance deals can double your shopping fun. Huge savings can be found right afterChristmas so constantly be on the lookout. You should do your best to avoid last minute shopping.

Take a look at sales flyers and coupons. And if you already do that, don't forget it also applies to gifts. Some coupons can be used together with sale prices. Sign up for department stores newsletters through the mail or online to keep on top of sales. Some newsletters even offer additional coupons.

Shop the Internet. Here you can compare prices not only online but how they compare with your local stores. Sometimes you can save on sales taxes and even shipping charges. And you additionally save on gas.

Take advantage of carpool for shopping. Aside from saving on gas, it will be nice to have someone that can help you come up with ideas. Buying gifts should be fun rather than feeling like a sentence. Don't forget to shop the Dollar Stores and the 99 Cent Stores. How much you spend is your business alone.

Yard and garage sales are great places to find that perfect treasure for a fraction of the cost. Sometimes you can find items that are absolutely new and never opened. Though it is not all that important for the item to be new. You can clean ad fix it, and make it look like new. If you are lucky, you might even find something antique that only needs a bit of polish.

Regifting is an option as well. Yes, many people do it and you can too. What's that old gift doing in your closet if you are not using it? Dust it off, gift wrap it, give it to someone who can use it and you save.

If you have frequent flyer miles that are going to waste give them as a gift. Everyone would love to receive a free plane ride somewhere. Most mileage plans can also be traded for merchandise or even cash. Use them before they expire.

Many large families draw names to minimize the number of gifts they have to buy. Some only give gifts to the children or exchange cards. And, surely, personalized gifts are always a joy to receive and give. This holiday season, try to have fun without exceeding your budget. It will be a happier new year if it starts debt free.

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