Sunday, December 12, 2010

Protect Your self From Identity Fraud This Christmas Season

by Steven Jorgensenn

The holiday season can be a time for generosity and great cheer, but sadly, it's also a prime season for crimes like identity theft. Although most individuals are already cautious about security while shopping on line, consumers also have to be concerned about paper breaches-twenty five% of identity thefts are achieved through paper breaches of documents containing personal information. Fortunately, you will discover some precautions you'll be able to take during your holiday shopping this year to protect yourself from fraud and theft.

More and more consumers are going on line for their holiday shopping, but several still prefer the atmosphere of a store with a physical location and really feel extra secure not having to transfer their personal info over the World wide web. Nevertheless, the best method to protect your personal information isn't so much a function of whether or not you shop online or in brick and mortar locations, but regardless of whether you deal only with reputable retailers.

Be mindful of your purse and wallet while walking within the mall; holiday crowds are a big target for thieves and pickpockets. Even at work, you should always keep your purse in a secure location. Thieves can pose as employees and take purses from desk drawers, especially in crowded high-rise office buildings.

Beware of persons looking over your shoulder while checking out at the store; they could be attempting to read your credit card info. If you need to give your credit card info over the phone, ask what will occur to these details once the transaction is complete.

The holidays are a time for giving, but be certain you are not giving your info and cash to a fraudulent organization. In the event you want to give to a charitable organization do your homework, make certain it is on the National Charity Reports Index, which measures nonprofit organizations on 20 standards. You are able to also verify the charity with Guide Star on-line.

Don't let identity theft ruin your Christmas season. When making purchases or charitable contributions, a cautious attitude can help you get pleasure from this time of the year without putting yourself at risk.

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