Thursday, December 9, 2010

Smart Online Gift Shopping: Find The Best Gifts For Christmas Without The Hassle

by Kim Riece

Have you ever felt completely exhausted and about ready to cry after shopping for Christmas presents? You are not alone. Last year I could never find what I wanted in the stores or they were priced way too high for my holiday budget. I was so frustrated I had to let the tears come. This year, I have decided that I want to see if I can do some online gift shopping to take away some of that stress.

Smart shoppers are out there shopping the day after Thanksgiving, if not sooner. However, I have a child with a birthday the first part of December and I usually wait until that is over before thinking about Christmas. I'm sure that waiting until the last week to shop is why I get so stressed. I guess it is partially my own fault, then at times, it is my only option.

Like most, I am always busy. Adding shopping for my entire family and my husband's family. leaves me drained and discouraged. I never really thought about online gift shopping before. Now I wonder why I felt I must crawl the malls in search of the Christmas gifts on my list.

With online gift shopping I can get things ordered and delivered quickly. This cuts my shopping down to a manageable level and leaves me with more time for family, parties and holiday celebrations that we all enjoy.

I've been telling all my friends about the benefits of online gift shopping and apparently, most have been shopping online for Christmas gifts each year. So, I asked them for some tips and their favorite websites for deals.

One thing they suggested, when shopping for last minute gifts, go with a site that guarantees delivery before Christmas. Also, have gifts wrapped and shipped straight to the recipient to make sure it gets there on time.

While ordering online is generally safe these days, you still want to make sure the site has a secure connection before you give your credit card number. It is important to check your credit card statement or bank account to be sure all purchases are ones you made. Online gift shopping is very simple, but you want to use sites you know you can trust.

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