Monday, December 27, 2010

5 Survival Tips For Natural Weight Loss During the Holidays

by Linda Parker

The months of November and December are fun and enjoyable, but if you're on a natural weight loss program, you may not be quite as excited as your family about the holidays approaching. You know great food and events will be around every corner, and to stay on track with your goals, you know it's important to keep the will power up so you don't back track.

The truth is, it's important you enjoy the holidays and focus on the positive aspect that you will be able to keep up with your goals into the New Year, and below are five tips to help you approach holiday meals, be it Thanksgiving or Christmas, the right way to ensure your body and mind don't bear the brunt from a lack in weight loss holiday planning.

Decide ahead of time what you plan on eating.Be clear about what your menu is for any holiday meal and prepare a list of items you plan on eating ahead of time. Also, determine how much of each you plan on eating, or can afford to eat, and write everything down before and after you eat to stay focused and aware.

Make some treats you won't feel guilty about and the family will enjoy.If you're responsible for the meal, or if you're contributing, look for some healthy recipes to prepare for you and your family that fit into your weight loss program. Just because it's good for you doesn't mean it has to taste bad.

Have a conversation tactic in mind, and just say 'no'. This may sound silly, but prepare an honest 'speech' of sorts prior to dinners that you can share with your family and friends who try to encourage you to try foods 'just this once'. You owe it to yourself to stay firm and say 'no' when appropriate about what you're willing to eat. You can be honest and firm, yet loving and caring with the words you use to honor yourself and your weight loss program. [Search for weight loss program]

Select your once-a-year indulgent foods.Definitely enjoy yourself during the holidays, so ahead of time, decide what foods you plan on eating that you know you shouldn't eat on a regular basis. Allow yourself to splurge a bit, but plan ahead, and do it in moderation. 5.Stop when you're full and you know you've eaten enough. And the old common sense rule in the book is to stop when you're full. Wear your skinny pants if you need to, but stop eating when you know you've had enough. If there's still food you want to eat, then have it the next day.

Holiday eating and holiday food are some of the best parts of the holiday season, so allow yourself to have fun and enjoy life while keeping these simple pointers in mind to survive the holiday season while staying focused and on track with your weight loss goals. [Search for weight loss program]

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