Sunday, December 12, 2010

5 Great Christmas Gifts for Your Clients

by Bruce Munro

As a business owner or operator, you want to ensure that your employees, vendors, and other individuals of central importance to your business success throughout the year are remembered during the holiday season. Don't forget to honor your clients during the holidays as well. After all, without your clients there would be no business.

Finding a meaningful and truly well-received gift for your clients during the Christmas season can be challenging, especially as so many of your clients will have unique tastes, distinctly different from one another. It is entirely possible to find a gift that will suit most tastes. You may just need a bit of help deciding what that gift may be. Here are a few of the best ideas for client-focused gifts for the holidays.

Fill Their Holiday Tables and Their Bellies with Edible Gifts

Always one of the most appropriate gifts for the holiday season, an edible Christmas present is one of the best received of all the promotional items that you can give to your clients around the holidays. A food gift is also one that can be scaled to the appropriate size for each of your clients based upon the impression you wish to make and your holiday promotional gift-giving budget.

You should also consider the kinds of items you include in each client focused gift. Some clients may most appreciative of chocolates or other sweets. Others may enjoy cheese, meat and snack crackers. Still others might be the sort that might like a combination basket full of candies, nuts, pretzels and popcorn.

Customizable corporate gift baskets are often the best way to make your holiday gifts truly client-focused. Work with a vendor that is able to make your gift baskets according to the specifications you provide, and each and every one of your clients will receive a personalized gift that truly says you appreciate their continued business.

Beverages to Warm the Heart and the Body

Consumables are often a truly appreciated choice of corporate gift. Just like food, beverages send warm wishes and bring a bit of holiday cheer to your clients. Consider the range of drinks that can be gifted and ensure that each client receives an appropriate beverage or combination of beverages to meet his or her tastes.

For example, a personalized gift of wine may be appropriate for the CEO of a company with which you conduct a great deal of business. You may want to consider sending a mixed basket of hot chocolate, flavored coffees and teas to the account team that places all the orders for the company and the accounting staff with whom you deal on billing and payment issues.

Client-Specific Drinkware

Of all the holiday gifts you can give to clients, some of the best are the more personal ones you share with just those clients with whom you are more familiar. Not every gift you give must be exactly the same and a treasured client with whom you've conducted business for years deserves a great gift that you pick out specially.

A wine bottle opener for wine aficionado clients is a great choice. A beautiful crystal stemware set might work quite nicely. Perhaps a great travel mug and thermos set might be the right choice for a client who is also a traveling salesperson.

Breathe Life into the Winter Season with Living Gifts

Giving an evergreen holiday wreath or swag sends a very warm holiday wish your clients' way. Poinsettias are always a great, traditional choice to share holiday cheer. Or you may want to consider giving a living plant that will outlast the season. A nice planter with some simple, small live plants is an eco-friendly gift and one that is often a welcome change from standard holiday fare.

The Practical Gifts Are Still Great Standards

Among the least expensive but also the most useful of gifts, calendars, journals and office supplies are also a good choice for many clients. With the New Year coming, a new calendar will be needed. A journal and office supplies can always be put to good use.

Consider the fact that a great generic corporate gift for the holidays can still carry a personal feel when done right. Sending a calendar, a coffee mug, some flavored tea and a small box of chocolates to each of your clients is an inexpensive way to ensure all your clients are equally appreciated this holiday season.

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