Thursday, April 12, 2012

Broccoli-Tomato Combo Prevents Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is what is breast cancer to women. I've heard friends who have been diagnosed with BPH comparing notes on their medical procedures and the drugs prescribed by their doctors. Yes, they undergo the same procedures and share the same expensive  medications.

Want to know how to beat prostate cancer the simpler and less expensive way?

A University of Illinois study published in Cancer Research in 2007 shows that tomatoes and broccoli are better at shrinking prostate tumors when both are part of the daily diet than when they're eaten individually. This study also suggests that it is better to eat them as whole foods rather than consuming their components in the form of supplements. Click here to read about the research study.

There’s even more good new.  These powerful healing foods with potent antioxidants are effective not just against prostate cancer. They also prevent and even help reverse breast cancer, colon cancer, leukemia, and other cancers of the body.

If these simple food combinations are so powerful against cancer, then why don’t doctors tell their patients about them? Sadly, few doctors have even a fundamental understanding of nutrition, and it’s rare to find a practicing physician who keeps up with the latest news on nutrition research. In med school, doctors are primarily taught drugs, drugs and drugs, not nutrition. Drugs are their best answer to treating chronic diseases like cancer. The healing power of natural foods is relegated to the realm of quackery.

Numerous studies and researches exists confirming the healing power of herbs, spices, and superfoods. Yes, studies showing that they're better than the most commonly used drugs in fighting and controlling cancer, cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and other medical conditions.

Sadly, most of these researches are being suppressed and gathering dusts in archives. It's a grim reality. The medical and pharmaceutical industries are no different from other industries. It's big business, and powerful. Anything that will affect their bottom-line figures shall have difficulty seeing the light of day. 

Just be resourceful. Better alternatives exist, at just a fraction of the costs, for various medical issues. You might want to look into <Cancer: Step Outside The Box> to understand better what I'm trying to tell you. There are helpful reviews at the lower portion of that page.

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