Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Latest From Big Pharma's Bag Of Tricks

One of these days, we might all just wake up to see our rights to make personal decisions forcibly taken from us.

Look at what had just happened in Massachusetts. The State Senate passed a bill mandating compulsory vaccinations of all sorts on all state residents. Refuse and you get slapped with a $1000 fine a day!

It is interesting to watch how the people of Massachusetts will take this incursion into their freedom. Will they, and people from other States as well, take this meekly, or fight tenaciously as one, against its implementation.

Never mind that the article I read regarding this questions the lack of science behind vaccines and its efficacy, that it has caused more damage and deaths than it is supposed to protect, that it can cause brain inflammation and dementia, that people fighting cancer, autism, heart disease, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and auto-immune diseases should avoid vaccines. [read: Saying NO To The Gardasil Vaccine]

The bigger issue here is the trampling of the rights of individuals to make choices for themselves that affect their lives.

Who stands to benefit most from all of this lunacy? Obviously, it's the manufacturers of the various vaccines. Again, Big Pharma's deep pocket easily makes lackeys of everyone, from doctors, to government functionaries in regulating agencies, and now, in this case, people you voted into office.
[read: When Mainstream Medicine Becomes Marketers Of Big Pharma]

What's next in the inexhaustible bag of tricks of Big Pharma?

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