Thursday, January 13, 2011

Valentine Tips Aimed To Redeem Your Marriage After Cheating

It might seem a little off to ask but you need to know what to do for Valentine's as you're struggling to save your marriage after cheating. Valentine's Day can be an important day in your efforts to get your marriage back on track and finally get the forgiveness you've been looking for. Here are a few tips to help you put things into perspective and ensure that you don't make any major missteps on Valentine's Day.

1) You can't buy love - or forgiveness. Don't even try to break the bank in an effort to win her back. You do need to do something for the day but make it appropriate for the day. You can even go better than you have in year's past but it's a good idea to stay on par with the past and only slightly improve your offerings this year UNLESS Valentine's Day has been a bone of contention in the past within your marriage.

2) Let it come from the heart. You can always buy greeting cards for every occasion but none of them speaks more eloquently of what you truly feel than your own words. You are the master of your heart and mind. You have to let her know what you truly feel after you've cheated and how you want to save your marriage. Don't depend on card writers to read your thoughts and feelings. Remember that your heart which on the line here and not any other person's.

3) Make your date one that is about building a future together and not one that is about reliving the worst of the past. When you spend all your time looking back it's impossible to see the bumps in the road that are in front of you. Good marriages take planning and effort. They are very rewarding but they are not at all effortless. Don't risk throwing yours away by dwelling on things that are best left dead and buried.

4) Be romantic. You might have already forgotten how it feels to be romantic. It is the right time to wake up your former self and rekindle the romance which made your marriage so special in the beginning of your relationship. It's also an ideal time to remind her that you can be romantic and loving the way she wants you to be.

Saving your marriage after cheating doesn't require you to change who you are at the core but a few small attitude adjustments can go a long way towards building the happily ever after you're looking for.

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