Saturday, January 29, 2011

Make Valentine's Day Perfect With Handmade Jewelry

To help make the 14th of February extra special this year you should buy your woman handmade jewelry for Valentine's Day. This unique gift will show her that you are truly thinking about her and of course when you give a cool present you are likely to get one back too.

Handmade jewelry is a much better gift than the mass produced garbage you will find at most stores because each piece is unique. When you give handmade jewelry to your girlfriend or wife you are showing her that she is unique and special to you.

Most department store jewelry is made by very lowly paid people or by machines. Compare that to the concept of earrings and necklaces made by an artisan who really cares about their work. I think it's quite obvious which is more romantic.

I believe as a society we need to stop being tricked by marketing into thinking that what we need are certain logos or name brands. What is a name brand really? It is simply marketing. These days it has very little to do with quality. When I see someone with a name brand purse or wearing a name brand watch that costs one hundred times more than what it is worth I don't think about how fashionable they are, instead I think about how gullible and simple minded they are.

It makes far more sense in my mind to spend my money on unique original items handmade by real people. The quality of such items is far higher and it feels so much better to me knowing my cash is going to a true artisan rather than some corporate pig.

This Valentine's Day do something different. Buy your girlfriend or wife some beautiful handmade jewelry. You will be doing your more than your share to make the world a better more beautiful place. Most importantly you will make it obvious to your woman how much she really means to you.

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Buying Handmade Jewelry is a great choice for most but for women who are more into music perhaps The Beatles Stereo Box Set would be a better choice.

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