Thursday, December 17, 2009

Good Essay Topics To Write About

Searching for good essay topics to write for our blogs, web pages, lenses, or article submissions, oftentimes stops most of us on our tracks. This is especially more so for the tyros in this internet activity. However, this should not be the case, for all of us have passions, interests, hobbies, pastimes, or other endeavors, which are excellent sources of essay topics to start with.

When I got introduced to Squidoo just recently, this was the first question that crossed my mind. What will I write about to start a lens?

Actually, I already had a prepared list of niche keywords which I have been accumulating from continuous research from which to choose my topics. From this list, I was able to create the following lenses;

[1] the first is a lens about portable basketball hoops
I have been an avid fan and player of basketball since my early teen years. This is one sport that has been closest to my heart.

[2] the next lens is about an exercise resistance bands system for home workout

Besides being athletically inclined, I have also been a fitness buff since my younger days. I have manage to maintain my regular routine workouts to this day.

[3] the third is about magic sing microphone

Singing is one of my favorite pastimes. Giving back this God-endowed talent by joining one of our church choirs has been such a source of personal contentment. Impromptu singing is also a trademark of most of our parties and gatherings. It seems no party is ever complete without a singing machine in place.

Good essay topics borne out of our passions, interests, hobbies, pastimes, and other endeavors are relatively easier to come by. I cited the above examples from my own experiences to demonstrate that you too, can have a lot of good topics to write about by simply looking at your own favorite pursuits. In fact, it was only before writing this article that I had come to realize that I had subconsciously chosen the 3 topics ahead of the rest because of my interests in them. It's was just like relating something out of my experiences. Knowing a lot about something makes it very easy to get ideas to write about.
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