Friday, December 4, 2009

Can Magic Sing Microphone Help Spice Up Parties?

Nozze d'argento - Singing
The Magic Sing microphone and other karaoke machines have tremendously contributed to the fun and entertainment in the celebration of parties. It seems that the preparation is not complete without a singing machine around.

The Magic Sing microphone is not the ordinary microphone that we know. It has revolutionized the way singing is done at gatherings.

Before the advent of karaoke machines, singing at parties is accomplished with instrumental accompaniment, usually, a piano or guitar. If no accompaniment is available, then it's acapella style, a nightmare even for good singers.

The first karaoke machines that came out were tape players that can mute the vocals in a tape so you can sing along with the instrumentals.The microphones are plugged to the tape player.

The video karaoke machines that followed were dvd players with sing along functions that are plugged to a tv unit so the lyrics can be read while singing.

The Magic Sing karaoke microphone system requires just a connection, wired or wireless, to a tv or entertainment system. All functions can be operated from the main microphone. Magic Sing fits in a small box that you can conveniently take with you to any party that needs spicing up.

Discover the amazing magic features of the Magic Sing karaoke microphone, and make your guests leave every party you host with memorable experiences!

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